Private Workshops Available

Paulette Baker will facilitate a workshop for your Organization!

Experience Paulette Baker’s private Money Maker Workshops where she will educate you and your staff with resale strategies to grow your business for increase sales.  At her on-site workshops, where she’ll come to your business, your team will learn merchandising techniques, power wall strategies, store layout patterns for better shopping flow, resale strategies to increase profits, how to easily add or increase service fees, learn winning customer service techniques, were to place impulse buys in and around your store for increase sales and more! Paulette’s workshops are facilitated and tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.  Being a Resale Store owner for 20+ years, she has much to offer and share. She is a long time member of NARTS: The Association of Resale Professionals and facilitates workshops during their annual conference.  In 2013 her consignment store received Best Consignment Store a Readers Choice Award by Elegant Island Living Magazine.  Now is the time to make a major difference in your company and your finances.  Contact her office today for more information on scheduling a Money Maker Workshop for your Organization.
Paulette Baker Workshops



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