eBook – Five Resale Energy Hacks



Energy Hacks when used can transform slow sales to high impulsive buying in your resale or consignment store. Get these five simple easy hacks to change flat dormant energy in your store into buying power.  Select energy can influence shoppers to buy right now rather than later.  With these Five Energy Hacks, make your products more irresistible.  Energy hacks can change your atmosphere and help sell items faster.  Even if you’re thinking about re-branding or tweaking your store, this e-book can help you to restore good positive energy.

In this download get:

  1. Five Energy Hacks eBook
  2. Bonus Lesson MP3 Audio – Five Energy Hacks – Scripted by Paulette Baker


Studies show placing select energies in the retail/resale atmosphere can help attract the right demographics and influence shoppers to buy.  75% of shoppers buy on impulse items that average $25 or under.  The average U.S. shoppers spends $5,400 each year on impulse buys.

Here are the top Five most common Impulse Buys:

  1. Food/Groceries – 71%
  2. Clothing – 53%
  3. Household – 33%
  4. Takeout – 29%
  5. Shoes – 28%


Did you know that buyers are 23% more likely to impulse buy on a unplanned shopping trip and 8 out of 10 impulse buys are made in a brick-and-mortar store.  Download and gain these Five Energy Hacks today.  Plus get a bonus  Audio MP3 Five Energy Hacks.  Keep your customers influenced and shopping longer.