The WOW Factor in Your Resale SHOP!

Hello Resalers!

Merry Christmas!  I hope that you are enjoying all the holiday festivities with customers, friends and family.    I couldn’t wait ’til after Christmas to share this WOW Factor BLOG with you.  I just had to share it now.

I can remember years ago, when I first started my resale business, having the experience of shoppers coming into my resale store and making that dreaded B-line back out the door.  It took me a minute and a little work, but I improved some things in and around my store to include the ambiance and atmosphere.

After learning some tricks of the trade and putting some things in place, I changed the course of my resale business and boy did things start hoppin’ and poppin’.  Anytime shoppers came into my store they were wow’d and asked the question, Is this a consignment shop? Where do I sign up? and stated, I’ll definitely be back! I was so happy and proud, Yeah Baby–that’s what I’m talking ’bout.

Keeping a high energy level and excitement going, in addition to other things, can sometimes be challenging. But thank goodness there are easy, inexpensive strategies that we can keep into play to keep things in the positive.  I’m so excited to share this Facebook live clip with you about the WOW factors in your Resale Business.  Every resale shopper wants a extraordinary retail experience. Guest what?  You can give them one every time by boosting your store’s shopping ambiance and atmosphere.

We’re coming up on the New Year and I’m sure there are many, many things you may want to implement and tweak as you move into the first and second Quarters of 2019!  Take a moment to check out this clip from one of my Money Maker Mornings Facebook Live Courses.  I talk about WOW Factors and how you can implement or revisit them in your Resale store. Warning! It is not edited so please walk and work with me on this as you view and listen. I hope you take away a few tips that can help you with building and growing your Resale business.

Too, I’m also happy to announce I’ll be starting up my daily 9:00 a.m. Money Maker Mornings again in January 2019, so be sure you join my Facebook resale group page to get invigorated and inspired. It is a private group page so go to request to sign up.  I’ve got some awesome topics of interest to cover with you. In the meantime, enjoy this clip!

Lots of Resale Love, Paulette Baker.

The WOW Factor in Your Resale Shop

Paulette Baker of Paulette Baker Consulting Services

Creator of Money Maker Consignment Systems