Dream With Out Fear – A few years ago, I was in a place in my life where I had stopped dreaming. I was a successful entrepreneur without dreams.  And, no I’m not talking about day dreaming.  I’m talking about dreaming what could be next.  Dreaming about things that were supposedly out of my reach or things that I could not afford or what the next assignment was for my life.  No, I wasn’t depressed either.  I was happy, but just had forgotten that I could dream.   I was so busy living my life, I had forgotten how to cast visions and see myself somewhere experiencing something bigger, better or easier.


Somehow I had allowed myself to stop seeing beyond where I was at that point in time.  I had forgotten that in the past it was my dreams that caused me to be a owner of a successful resale company that earned a nice annual income.  I got too comfortable and during that time of not-dreaming, if you will, so many opportunities had passed me. I couldn’t see them–I hadn’t dreamt about them—so I didn’t recognize and couldn’t act on them.


Then one day it happened.  I came across someone who reminded me to dream again, someone who had awakened something in me. Suddenly, I woke up out of my complacency.  Not only was I to dream again, but to wake up and dream without fear!


Today I’m paying it forward.  I’m here, writing the blog post to remind you. Dream bigger than your imagination, dream bigger than your current situation and/or bank account.  It’s okay to think about and imagine your business generating seven-figures.  It’s okay to dream about the beachfront home you desire to live in.  It’s okay to dream about being able to pay cash for what your want and/or live debt-free.  It’s okay to dream about living a healthier life, travelling to places you’ve never been or family being whole and together.


Sometimes as busy entrepreneurs we forget the process and benefits of dreaming. What happens when you allow yourself to dream without fear?  You attract in your life (and business) what you need for those dreams to become reality.  Let’s take it a step further and couple your dreams with faith and works.  The results are INCREDIBLE!


Listen, Wake up and Dream with out Fear.   Dream, dream with out fear!  Then expect opportunities to present themselves and you may be more readily positioned to capitalize on them.


Here are a few tips to help you dream again:


1)  Stop getting lost or absorbed in your current situation.

2)  Take time to dream/plan on paper beyond where you are.

3)  Spend 15 minutes each morning meditating on your next move or desire.

4)  Take small consistent steps everyday to work on the one dream that you desire the most.

5)   Don’t go at it alone (NARTS: I’m Not Alone Running This Store).  Reach out for help.  Opportunities are all around you.


For more inspiration or to receive a little push to dream with out fear, Paulette Baker Consulting Services are available to you.  Private one-on-one consults, workshops, on-site store assessments, store makeovers, inspirational meet ups, dream and vision board sessions. Contact our office today at (912) 264-0196 for more information or visit our website at www.paulettebakerconsulting.com.