The definition of “niche” a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.


As resale entrepreneur, it is important and can be very profitable to implement your niche in your business.  Your niche is something that you enjoy, do naturally, comfortably and easily.  It is connected to your innate gifts and your niche can be a part of your life and resale business that make you happy and more money simultaneously.  Sometimes your niche can be like therapy. It’s that zone that takes your mind off all your worries for that moment in time.


Finding or fine tuning your niche to be used in your Resale business can sometimes be frustrating but if you hang in their and keep going it is discoverable.  Niches can make or break you.  In this case, we want your niche to make you and your resale business profitable.  So let’s talk a little bit more about niches.  When I stay your niche can make or break you, sometimes things that you really enjoy, you do for free or under value its worth (leaving money on the table) because it’s comes comfortable and easy to you.  However, by becoming more saavy, you can be creative and possibly weave your niche into your resale business to increase your profits and strengthen your business.


When applying or discovering your niche, it may require you to take some time and well thought out ideas to actually implement them into your resale business.  And, sometimes you will discover other niches you have, but in all it can help build your business and increase your profits.  How so?  Perhaps you’re good at making commercials or writing scripts—write your own commercial and post it on Social Media inviting shoppers to your store;  maybe you’re good with taking photographs—take pictures of specialty items in your store and offer them for sale on various platforms where your images can be seen and appreciated; good at writing whimsical letters—create an interesting, fun email inviting your fans to shop your resale business; or a host a weekly live shopping video on your social media platform(s); or maybe you’re great at putting together displays—changing the atmosphere in you resale business putting shoppers in the mood to shop and buy when they visit your store.


Right now facebook live shopping parties are HOT in the resale industry, which is a niche for quite a few resale entrepreneurs, bringing in extra profits and foot traffic.   These live video shopping parties can be very profitable and important to your business right now.  If you have the voice, personality and demeanor for the camera this might be something you could do.  Don’t underestimate yourself either by staying I can’t—you don’t know what works until you try it.  Sometimes your undiscovered niche is hidden in the things your afraid to do.


Maybe you have a great resilient personality that customers will love, but if you’re in the back room processing intake the majority of your business hours, then you don’t get to share that niche of making friends easily.   People shop and do business with companies where they feel heard, valued and appreciated thereby creating loyal customers that can definitely strengthen the structure of your business and increase your profits.


Finding you niche and implementing it into your resale business may sound cumbersome, or may take you a little out of your comfort zone and sometimes to share it publicly can make you feel a little uncomfortable.  Remember, your own personal niche can help to build and increase your business when developed and shared in the right places.  So get those creative juices flowing!


Exposing your niche is key.  You must discover your niche then share and use it to sell products and merchandise to your fans, followers and shoppers!


How do you find or fine tune your niche?  What are you good at?  What do you enjoy doing that’s not cumbersome to you? What is it that you do that people are in awe about or ask, how did you do that?  Whatever your niche is, think about how you can implement it into your Resale business to encourage and enlighten shoppers for genuine service and increased profits.


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