We’re in the season of harvest and consumers tend to purchase

more during this time of year–so you definitely want to make

your business easier to find.  




I’ve been in resale for over 21+ years, owned my current consignment

store for 15+ years and marketing has changed so much from when I

started out. Presently, you can give your business major exposure, thus

making it easy to find, in many different platforms (for FREE) that were

not available just a few years ago.



If you havn’t already, take the steps necessary to give your business

extra exposure for increased sales and more success. Have patience,

set aside time because it will take some of your attention to get the ball

rolling, but it pays off BIG in the end.



Here are a few steps you can take to make your business easier to find:




1)     Be sure your brick and mortar store has good legible exterior




2)      When advertising, identify major landmarks near your business;



3)     Be sure you have a current updated Google Business Account;



4)     Add a “contact us” page w/a google map to your store’s website;



5)    Open and establish social media platforms then everyday market

and invite people to your business always include your business

address your landmark, store hours and website.



6)     Link or reference all of your online accounts to each other.



When you identify major landmarks near your business, this will

help shoppers find you as well. Having a Google Business Account

(I believe it is free) allows your business to show up in Google

searches, anywhere in the world, especially in your area. For

instance, if a group or individual is in your area and plans to shop

resale consignment more than likely they will Google consignment

or resale stores in that city. If you’re registered with Google as a

business (and have the proper meta lines), you will show up in

the search.




I hope this small excerpt from the Money Maker Consignments

Systems Premium Guide Book will help you to enhance your

business and profits in this season of harvest.




For more information on how to enhance your consignment

resale business visit www.namebrandconsignments.com/mmcs

for products and services.


{Excerpt from The Money Maker Consignment Systems Premium Edition Book}




Loving Resale,

Paulette R. Baker